How do I find out if the institutions I am considering are eligible to receive the DCTAG?

To learn if the institution(s) you are considering are eligible to participate in the DC TAG, visit www.osse.dc.gov and follow the link to ‘Postsecondary Education’. Chose the grant(s) you believe you are eligible for and click on that grant(s) ‘Eligible Institutions’ link.

If I am a student at an approved institution and I am planning to study outside the U.S. for one semester, will I receive grant funds for that semester?

Most programs that offer study outside the U.S. for one or two semesters are not eligible for funding as they do not have either an in or out-of-state tuition charge or it's at another college or university. Students in a study-abroad program must be enrolled at the eligible home institution and there must be both in and out-of-state tuition charges for all participating students. If you are attending your home institution and there is both an in and out-of-state tuition charge, the program would be DCTAG eligible. As very few such programs are eligible, please confirm the program's eligibility with the Postsecondary Education Office.

My institution is threatening to drop my classes because it did not receive DCTAG funds. Can they do that?

The DCTAG Participation Agreement (PPA) entered into by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and a participating institution states that if a student is eligible for DCTAG funding, the institution must consider the funding amount when determining a student’s balance due. An eligible student will not be held liable for forthcoming DCTAG funds. If the only outstanding balance on a student’s account is forthcoming DCTAG funds, an institution cannot drop that student’s classes. *Note: balances due beyond DCTAG funds are the student’s responsibility and an institution has the discretion to treat that balance due in accordance with its rules and regulations.