I mailed a D-40 tax return with all my required supporting documents and received my required supporting documents back with a request from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education for a Certified Stamped D-40. Why?

You provided either an Uncertified or Customer Service Stamped D-40 but not the required Certified Stamped D-40 DC D-40 Income Tax Return. A D-40 without a ‘Certified True’ stamp from the Office of Tax & Revenue is not a sufficient District of Columbia tax return for the DCTAG Application

I filed an extension for last year’s taxes. What can I do to satisfy the requirement for a Certified Stamped D-40?

If you filed an extension for last year’s taxes, a certified District of Columbia extension along with a Certified Stamped D-40 from the previous year will satisfy the Certified Stamped D-40 requirement. However, a copy of the return for which an extension was granted will be required with the next year’s DCTAG Application.

I hand delivered a Social Security statement with all of my required supporting documents and was advised by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) that I needed a SSI document. Why?

A Social Security statement that covers only one month is not sufficient; the SSI document must include the12 months of continuous benefits for the previous calendar year (January-December).

My parent/guardian(s) have no income and do not file taxes. What other sources of documentation are acceptable?

Please contact your assigned Postsecondary Education counselor to discuss acceptable sources of documentation.

My parent/guardian(s) claim me on their tax return, but do not have any utility bills because my parent/guardian(s) live with my grandmother. What do I provide for a utility?

You may provide a Notarized Statement from your grandmother stating that your parent/guardian(s) live with her and a copy of one current utility bill, phone bill (land line not cell phone) bank statement, and/or pay stub (less than 45 days old) reflecting your grandmother’s name and address. The Notarized Statement will be accepted only after a Notary Public signs and stamps the statement.

My parents are not around and I live with my grandmother. Can she claim me on her taxes?

Yes. If your grandmother provides more than fifty percent of your support and you are 24 years of age or younger, she can claim you as a dependent on her tax return. However, your grandmother must be your legal guardian in order to be eligible for DCTAG.